1902 Enrico Pianca was born. His father taught him everything about wood. He learnt how to recognize its age simply by smelling it.

1948 Enrico and Giambattista, cousin-brothers, emigrated to Venezuela. Whilst there, they founded a company that produced wooden footwear moulds.

1952-54 In Venezuela, Giambattista produced the urn of the constitution which was commissioned by Marcos Pérez Jimenez. Enrico returned to Italy.

1956 Pianca went from being an artisan workshop to an industrial company. Bedrooms and living rooms started being produced.

1961 Due to its awareness of the role design plays in furniture, Pianca participated in the first Salone del Mobile (Furniture Fair): the company has not missed a fair ever since.

1967 Giambattista returned to Italy from Venezuela. He became the company’s “workshop master” and led a group of young cabinet makers.

1970 The introduction of chipboard, an industry-first, made furniture become a truly accessible product.

1988 The company began just-in-time manufacturing. Modularity and customisation became the product strengths.

1998 Upholstered items were featured in the Pianca catalogue.

2003 The People Programme, the first with a folding system was introduced.

2011 Pianca celebrated 50 years of non-stop participation at the Salone del Mobile.

2014 Amazon visited Pianca to study its innovative packaging: the use of cardboard, plastic and polystyrene was reduced by 95%.

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