About Us

A bit of history

Our architects and designers constantly and carefully monitor the environment, they accept and develop changes, research fashion and architectural, as well as sociological, changes and transform them into unique design.

The proprietors of Vogue Furniture have been in the furniture business for more than thirty years. We have spent that time serving the Chicagoland area but are excited to help customers all over the world find the perfect addition to their homes. We have dedicated ourselves to the craft of knowing and understanding the impact an elegant piece of furniture can have on a person. We have returned to our European stomping grounds year after year to see what new treasures our favorite artisans have created. And of course, we also work with local manufacturers.


The begining

This is how it's began

The owners of Vogue Furniture have been in love with the furniture business since they first started out in the world. It is no secret that our furniture has loved them back. We pride ourselves on selecting the most exquisite, hand-crafted pieces of furniture for our studio. We do not believe in selling anything but fine-quality furniture.

The interesting thing about Vogue Furniture is that, while we do sell high-quality, elegant pieces, we carry something for everybody. We maintain our e-commerce site so that all customers, near and far, can take advantage of Vogue Furniture’s impeccable taste and style.

Whether you live near Chicagoland or not, you can enjoy the unique pieces available on our website.


Our Manufacturers

Vogue Furniture carries only the best pieces from the best manufacturers.